MikeIn 1999, Mike embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, founding the My7Diamond internet network business in the dynamic city of Hong Kong. My7Diamonds swiftly became synonymous with offering high-quality diamonds to enthusiasts at a incredible low price, directly procured from the source.

Capturing the attention of millions of diamond enthusiasts spanning 127 countries, My7Diamonds emerged as a global sensation. However, faced with constraints in the courier service, Mike made the strategic decision to discontinue the diamond network business at year 2008.

In 2008, demonstrating keen foresight, Mike Qian introduced a website builder, recognizing the indispensable need for businesses to establish an online presence for global product sales. By 2014, his website builder business secured an impressive No. 6 ranking in the Top Direct Selling in the world, distinguishing itself from competitors.

The advent of ALIBABA's formidable platform prompted a shift in market dynamics, leading to a decrease in demand for website builders. Undeterred, Mike delved into contemplation, seeking the next wave of innovation.

Now, with notable improvements in courier services enabling secure and insured delivery of precious diamonds to any corner of the world, a new opportunity has arisen. Seizing this moment, Mike established Yes.Diamonds, venturing into the realm of selling diamonds through an internet network.

Drawing from a successful history of forecasting business trends and understanding product needs, Mike has transformed thousand of ordinary individuals into millionaires. Yes.Diamonds, with its novel internet marketing model at incredible low cost, high quality diamonds (D-IF) is poised to make a resounding impact on the world. Don't miss out on this exhilarating opportunity—witness the transformative power of Yes.Diamonds!